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HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver (v40.15.1231_1)

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HP OfficeJet 4656 Printer Driver Ver.40.15.1231_1

As a software engineer deeply involved in the realm of technology, I understand the critical role that drivers play in ensuring seamless communication between hardware and software components. When it comes to printers like the HP OfficeJet 4656, having the correct driver is paramount for achieving optimal performance.

Importance of Having the Correct Driver

The correct driver serves as a translator between your computer’s operating system and the hardware of your printer. It facilitates smooth data transfer and enables your computer to send print commands to the printer accurately. Without the right driver, you may encounter compatibility issues, performance degradation, and functionality limitations.

Significance of the HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver

The HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver holds immense significance in maximizing the capabilities of your printer. It acts as the backbone of your printing setup, enabling a wide range of features and functionalities. From delivering high-quality prints to facilitating wireless printing options, the driver ensures that your HP OfficeJet 4656 operates efficiently and effectively.

Download & Installation

Ensuring a seamless download and installation process for the HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver is essential to optimize printer performance. Let’s delve into its compatibility with different operating systems, followed by a step-by-step guide to assist users through the download and installation process.

Compatibility with Various Operating Systems

The HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver is designed to be compatible with a wide range of operating systems, catering to the diverse needs of users. Whether you’re using Windows, macOS, or Linux, rest assured that HP has provided dedicated drivers tailored to each system’s specifications. This ensures that regardless of your preferred platform, you can easily integrate your HP OfficeJet 4656 printer with your computer setup.

Guide for Downloading the Driver

  1. Visit the Official HP Website: Begin by navigating to the official HP website using your preferred web browser.
  2. Locate the Driver Section: Once on the HP website, locate the section dedicated to printer drivers. This may be found under the “Support” or “Downloads” tab.
  3. Enter Printer Model: Enter “HP OfficeJet 4656” as your printer model in the search or dropdown menu provided.
  4. Select Operating System: Select your computer’s operating system from the list of options provided. Ensure that you choose the correct version to guarantee compatibility.
  5. Initiate Download: After selecting the appropriate operating system, locate the HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver from the list of available drivers. Click on the download button to initiate the download process.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing the Driver

  1. Locate Downloaded File: Once the driver download is complete, navigate to the folder on your computer where the file was saved.
  2. Run Installation Wizard: Double-click on the downloaded driver file to run the installation wizard. This will initiate the installation process.
  3. Follow On-Screen Prompts: Follow the on-screen prompts provided by the installation wizard. This may include accepting terms and conditions, selecting installation preferences, and confirming installation settings.
  4. Complete Installation: Once all prompts have been followed and settings confirmed, click on the “Finish” or “Install” button to complete the installation process.
  5. Restart Your Computer: After the installation is complete, it’s recommended to restart your computer to ensure that all changes take effect.

By following these simple steps, users can easily download and install the HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver, enabling seamless communication between their computer and printer for optimal performance.


Encountering issues with the HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting tips and solutions, you can swiftly resolve common problems and ensure smooth printer operation.

Common Issues Users Might Face

  1. Printer Not Responding: One of the most common issues users encounter is when the printer fails to respond to print commands from the computer.
  2. Connectivity Issues: Users may experience connectivity problems between the printer and the computer or network, leading to communication errors.
  3. Print Quality Problems: Issues such as blurry or streaky printouts can occur, impacting the overall quality of printed documents.
  4. Driver Compatibility: After updating their operating system, users may find that the printer driver is no longer compatible, resulting in malfunction or limited functionality.

Troubleshooting Tips and Solutions

  1. Check Printer Connection: Ensure that the printer is properly connected to the computer or network. Verify cables, Wi-Fi connections, and network settings to troubleshoot connectivity issues.
  2. Restart Devices: Sometimes, simply restarting both the printer and the computer can resolve minor issues and reset connectivity settings.
  3. Update Printer Driver: Visit the official HP website to download and install the latest version of the HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver. Updating the driver can address compatibility issues and improve performance.
  4. Run Printer Troubleshooter: Most operating systems offer built-in printer troubleshooting tools. Use these tools to diagnose and fix common printer problems automatically.
  5. Clean Printhead: If print quality issues persist, try cleaning the printhead using the printer’s maintenance options. This can remove any debris or buildup that may be affecting print quality.
  6. Check for Firmware Updates: In addition to updating the driver, ensure that your printer’s firmware is up to date. Firmware updates can resolve software bugs and improve printer performance.
  7. Contact Support: If you’ve exhausted all troubleshooting options and the issue persists, don’t hesitate to contact HP customer support for further assistance. They can provide personalized troubleshooting guidance and solutions tailored to your specific issue.

By following these troubleshooting tips and solutions, you can effectively address common issues with the HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver and ensure smooth printer operation.

Updates & Maintenance

Regular updates and maintenance are essential for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your HP OfficeJet 4656 printer. In this section, we’ll explore the importance of keeping the driver updated and provide instructions for updating both the driver and firmware.

Importance of Keeping the Driver Updated

  1. Enhanced Compatibility: Updating the HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver ensures compatibility with the latest operating systems and software updates. This prevents compatibility issues and ensures seamless integration with your computer setup.
  2. Improved Performance: Updated drivers often include performance optimizations and bug fixes, resulting in smoother operation and enhanced print quality. By keeping your driver up to date, you can ensure that your printer operates at its best.
  3. Security Enhancements: Outdated drivers may contain vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious software. Regular updates include security patches that protect your printer from potential threats, safeguarding your sensitive information.

Instructions for Updating the Driver and Firmware

  1. Visit the HP Support Website: Navigate to the official HP support website using your web browser.
  2. Identify Your Printer Model: Locate the section for printer support and enter your HP OfficeJet 4656 printer model.
  3. Check for Driver Updates: Once on the support page for your printer model, look for the section related to drivers and downloads. Check if there are any available updates for the driver.
  4. Download and Install Driver Updates: If updates are available, download the latest version of the driver. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update on your computer.
  5. Check for Firmware Updates: In addition to updating the driver, it’s important to keep your printer’s firmware up to date. Firmware updates contain improvements and fixes that enhance printer performance and functionality.
  6. Access Printer Settings: On your printer’s control panel or through the HP Smart app, navigate to the settings menu.
  7. Check for Firmware Updates: Look for an option to check for firmware updates within the settings menu. Follow the prompts to check for and install any available updates.
  8. Restart Your Printer: After updating the driver and firmware, restart your printer to ensure that the changes take effect.

By following these instructions for updating the driver and firmware of your HP OfficeJet 4656 printer, you can ensure that your printer remains up to date, secure, and operating at its best. Regular maintenance and updates are key to maximizing printer performance and longevity.


In conclusion, the HP OfficeJet 4656 printer is a versatile and reliable tool for all your printing needs. By ensuring that you have the recommended driver installed, you can unlock its full potential and enjoy seamless printing experiences.

Make the Most of Your Printer

The recommended driver for the HP OfficeJet 4656 printer plays a crucial role in optimizing performance and enabling advanced features. Whether you’re printing documents, photos, or creative projects, having the right driver ensures that your prints are of the highest quality and produced efficiently.

Seamless Integration and Enhanced Functionality

With the recommended driver, you can take advantage of convenient features such as wireless printing, mobile printing capabilities, and intuitive print settings. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to effortless printing with the HP OfficeJet 4656 printer and its recommended driver.

Stay Updated for Optimal Performance

Remember to regularly check for driver updates to ensure that your printer remains compatible with the latest software and operating systems. By staying updated, you can enjoy continued performance improvements, enhanced security, and access to new features and functionalities.

Embrace Efficiency and Quality

Whether you’re a student, professional, or creative enthusiast, your HP OfficeJet 4656 printer can help you bring your ideas to life. With the recommended driver installed, you can print with confidence, knowing that your printer is equipped to deliver exceptional results every time.

Make the most of your HP OfficeJet 4656 printer by ensuring that you have the recommended driver installed. With seamless integration, enhanced functionality, and continued updates, you can rely on your printer to meet your printing needs with efficiency and quality.



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HP OfficeJet 4656 Driver (v40.15.1231_1)

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