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Canon PIXMA MP470 Driver (v1.01)

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Introduction to Canon PIXMA MP470 Driver

Hey there, fellow printer enthusiasts! Today, I’m thrilled to talk about one of the gems in the printing world – the Canon PIXMA MP470 printer. Whether you’re a home user or a small business owner, this printer packs a punch with its versatility and impressive print quality.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – why is having the correct driver so crucial for this fantastic printer? Well, picture this: you’ve got a stack of important documents to print, and you hit that ‘Print’ button, only to find out that your printer is churning out subpar prints or worse, not responding at all. Frustrating, right? That’s where the importance of the right printer driver comes into play.

The Canon PIXMA MP470 printer driver acts as the bridge between your computer and the printer, ensuring optimal performance, top-notch printing quality, seamless compatibility with various devices, and unlocking all the amazing functionalities this printer has to offer.

So, buckle up as we explore everything you need to know about maximizing your printing experience with the Canon PIXMA MP470 printer and its essential companion, the printer driver.

Download & Installation

Alright, let’s get down to business and ensure you have everything you need to smoothly download and install the Canon PIXMA MP470 driver.

Minimum System Requirements

Before diving into the download process, let’s quickly check if your system meets the minimum requirements for installing the driver:

Requirement Details
Operating System Windows, macOS
Processor 1 GHz or higher
RAM 512 MB or more
Storage 100 MB available space

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s move on to finding the official Canon PIXMA MP470 driver.

Where to Find the Official Canon PIXMA MP470 Driver

To ensure you’re getting the most reliable and compatible driver for your printer, head over to the official Canon support website. Here’s how you can find it:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the Canon support page.
  2. In the search or navigation bar, enter “Canon PIXMA MP470 driver.”
  3. You should see a list of search results. Look for the official Canon support website link.
  4. Click on the link to access the Canon PIXMA MP470 driver download page.

Now that you’re on the right track, let’s walk through the step-by-step guide for downloading and installing the driver.

Step-by-Step Guide on Downloading and Installing the Driver

Follow these simple steps to download and install the Canon PIXMA MP470 driver:

  1. On the Canon support page, locate the driver section specifically for the PIXMA MP470 printer.
  2. Select your operating system from the dropdown menu (e.g., Windows or macOS).
  3. Click on the “Download” button next to the latest driver version compatible with your operating system.
  4. Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded driver file on your computer.
  5. Double-click on the driver file to begin the installation process.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  7. After the installation is finished, restart your computer (if required) and connect your Canon PIXMA MP470 printer to start printing seamlessly.

Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues

Encountering issues during installation is not uncommon. Here are some troubleshooting tips for common installation issues:

  • Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements mentioned earlier.
  • Check for any conflicting software that might hinder the installation process.
  • Disable antivirus software temporarily during installation to avoid interference.
  • If the installation fails, try downloading the driver again from the official Canon website.

By following these steps and troubleshooting tips, you’ll have your Canon PIXMA MP470 driver up and running in no time, ready to deliver exceptional printing performance.

Updates & Maintenance

Ah, the often overlooked yet crucial aspect of keeping your Canon PIXMA MP470 driver up to date and well-maintained. Let’s explore why this is so important and how you can ensure your printer stays in top-notch condition.

Importance of Keeping the Driver Up to Date

Imagine your printer as a well-oiled machine, consistently delivering crisp prints and smooth operations. Now, think of the driver as the engine that powers this machine. Just like any engine, regular updates are essential to enhance performance, fix bugs, and ensure compatibility with new technologies.

By keeping your Canon PIXMA MP470 driver up to date, you not only optimize printing quality but also unlock new features and functionalities that improve your overall printing experience.

How to Check for Driver Updates

Checking for driver updates is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly options provided by Canon. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Automatic Updates: Many drivers come with an automatic update feature. Ensure this option is enabled in your printer settings to receive automatic notifications and installations of new driver updates.
  2. Manual Updates: If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can manually check for driver updates. Visit the official Canon support website, navigate to the driver section for your PIXMA MP470 printer, and look for any available updates for download.
  3. Driver Check: Periodically check the version of your installed driver against the latest version available on the Canon website. If there’s a newer version, it’s time to update!

Best Practices for Driver Maintenance

Now, let’s talk about some best practices to maintain your Canon PIXMA MP470 driver and ensure optimal performance:

  • Regular Checks: Make it a habit to check for driver updates at least once a month or whenever you notice any performance issues with your printer.
  • Firmware Updates: In addition to driver updates, keep an eye out for firmware updates for your printer. These updates often include improvements in functionality and compatibility.
  • Performance Optimization: Adjust driver settings for optimal performance based on your printing needs. Experiment with print quality settings to find the balance between quality and speed.
  • Backup Drivers: It’s always a good idea to keep a backup of your current driver version. This way, if you encounter any issues with a new update, you can easily revert to the previous version.

By following these best practices and staying proactive in updating and maintaining your Canon PIXMA MP470 driver, you’ll ensure a seamless printing experience with consistent quality and reliability.

Troubleshooting & Security

Encountering issues with your Canon PIXMA MP470 driver can be frustrating, but fear not! We’re here to guide you through common troubleshooting steps and ensure the security of your printer driver.

Common Troubleshooting Steps for Driver-Related Issues

1. Printer Not Recognized:

  • Ensure that the printer is properly connected to your computer via USB or network connection.
  • Check the printer’s power and status indicators to ensure it’s turned on and ready to print.
  • Restart both your computer and printer to refresh connections and settings.
  • Verify that the correct printer driver is installed and up to date.

2. Printing Errors:

  • Check for any paper jams or obstructions in the printer’s paper path.
  • Ensure that the paper size and type settings in the printer driver match the paper loaded in the printer.
  • Update or reinstall the printer driver if you encounter consistent printing errors.

Ensuring Driver Security

When it comes to driver security, vigilance is key to protecting your system from potential threats like malware-infected drivers. Here are some essential tips:

1. Avoiding Malware-Infected Drivers:

  • Download drivers only from trusted sources, such as the official Canon support website.
  • Beware of third-party websites offering drivers, as they may contain malware or outdated versions.
  • Use reputable antivirus software to scan downloaded driver files for any potential threats.

2. Driver Authenticity:

  • Verify the authenticity of the driver before installation by checking the digital signature.
  • Look for digital signatures from trusted entities, such as Canon, to ensure the driver’s legitimacy.
  • Avoid installing drivers from unknown or unverified sources.

Tips for Resolving Security Concerns Related to Printer Drivers

To further enhance security and address any lingering concerns, consider implementing the following tips:

  • Keep your operating system and antivirus software up to date to protect against vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Enable firewall protection to block unauthorized access to your printer and computer.
  • Regularly check for driver updates from official sources to ensure security patches and improvements are applied.

By following these troubleshooting steps and security tips, you’ll safeguard your Canon PIXMA MP470 driver from potential issues and enjoy a secure printing environment.


In conclusion, the journey of maximizing your Canon PIXMA MP470 printer’s potential starts with one crucial element – the correct driver. Throughout this guide, we’ve highlighted the significance of having a properly installed and up-to-date driver for seamless printing experiences. Let’s recap why this is so important:

Importance Recap

  • Optimization: The correct driver optimizes your printer’s performance, ensuring every printout meets your expectations in terms of quality and speed.
  • Printing Efficiency: With the right driver, you’ll experience enhanced printing efficiency, reducing downtime and frustration.
  • Driver Functionality: A compatible and updated driver unlocks all the functionalities of your Canon PIXMA MP470 printer, from basic printing to advanced features.

Final Thoughts on Optimizing Printer Performance through Driver Management

As we bid farewell, remember that driver management is not a one-time task but an ongoing process. Stay proactive by regularly checking for updates, troubleshooting issues promptly, and prioritizing driver security. By doing so, you’ll not only optimize your printer’s performance but also prolong its lifespan and ensure consistent quality prints for years to come.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, embracing driver management as a key component of your printing routine will empower you to harness the full potential of your Canon PIXMA MP470 printer and elevate your printing experiences to new heights.

Here’s to smoother prints, sharper images, and a hassle-free printing journey ahead!



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Canon PIXMA MP470 Driver (v1.01)

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