Understanding Computer Drivers

Drivers on a computer are software components that function and are very important as a communication device between the Operating System and hardware.

How Computer Drivers Work (Device Drivers)

Fundamentally when an application accesses data from a piece of hardware, the application first calls a function that can be implemented by the operating system.

After the operating system successfully reads the message, the operating system then calls a function that can be implemented by the driver.

The driver then uses the binary code to tell the hardware to perform the commands given by the operating system and retrieve the data performed by the hardware. Likewise, the operating system then provides data to the application to be able to work. This type of driver is a commonly found driver, called a “device driver”.

What is Driver Software?

Software drivers are drivers that function as communication devices between applications and the operating system at the kernel level. The system kernel is a core system (core operating system data) that can only be read by drivers who have access ownership certificates, where drivers can read encrypted core operating system data. Software Driver always works in kernel mode. What distinguishes it from device drivers is that device drivers do not always work in kernel mode.